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Temple Run is a game in which players must navigate a two-dimensional space in order to escape the temple and avoid obstacles. Temple Run was developed by Imangi Studios and is available for free. Temple Run is an adventure game with many twists and turns. It is an addictive game that has been on the market for about a year. Temple Run has been downloaded by over 170 million people. It can be played on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


The player is running on a path, and must avoid obstacles like walls, holes, and gaps. Obstacles may also be avoided by jumping or sliding around them when the player is running. Trees and rocks can be jumped over, but pits cannot. Temple Run is an adventure game where the protagonist, Guy Dangerous, has stolen an idol from the temple. There are many twists and turns in the game. Guy Dangerous has to avoid obstacles such as trees and cliffs that he encounters on his way to the finish line.

The game is controlled by tilting the iOS device and swiping the screen. There are two modes that the player can choose from, the "endless mode" and the "time mode." The endless mode is a mode where the player tries to get as far as they can without dying. The time mode is a mode where the player tries to get as many points as they can before the time runs out.

There are three power-ups in the game that the player can use. The power-ups are the "shield" power-up, the "head start" power-up, and the "coin magnet" power-up. The shield power-ups allow the player to deflect obstacles and the head start power-ups allow the player to start at a certain distance in front of the finish line. The coin magnet power-ups allow the player to collect more coins.


The graphics in the game is 2-dimensional and the look is pixelated. There is no color in the game and the background is always black. The graphics in the game are very basic. The avatar for the protagonist and the obstacles are very simple.


Replayability may be a problem with Temple Run because the game is linear. However, it does have a replay value because there are three different game modes. Temple Run is a game that is very addictive. It is hard to put down once you start playing. It is also difficult to get sick of because there are many levels.


Temple Run is a free game that is very addictive. There are three different game modes. It is challenging and exciting. I would recommend Temple Run to anyone looking for a game to play on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


  • Temple Run is a very fun game that is free of charge
  • Temple Run is also repetitive, but in a good way


  • The game may be repetitive
  • The background is always black and the graphics is 2-dimensional


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