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Homescapes is a puzzle game by Playrix, the makers of Gardenscapes. You can find the game on the App Store and Google Play. Homescapes is a mobile app game that was released on June 6, 2017. The game is available on iOS and Android devices as well as on Facebook. The goal of the game is to make the house beautiful by clicking on the items to clean them, decorate them, or to build them. The player can also click on the characters to get them to interact with other things.


The gameplay consists of completing various levels to earn stars. The levels consist of different objectives, such as clearing the board of tiles of a certain color. You can earn power-ups which help you clear levels faster. There are a total of 5 chapters in the game.

The player has to complete a series of tasks in order to progress to the next chapter. However, if the player fails to complete the tasks, they can go back to the previous chapter and try again. When the player completes the tasks, the tasks in the next chapter are unlocked. The player can also replay old tasks. The game also includes a social element in which the player can invite their Facebook friends to help them decorate the house.


The graphics are colorful and cheery, and they add to the game's atmosphere. The graphics in the game are very colorful and high-quality. The house looks realistic and the items in the house are also realistic.

Information about replayability

After completing the game, you can still replay levels you haven't completed, and you can also play the game in a timed mode. It is easy to replay tasks in the game as there is no time limit to them.


Homescapes is a free puzzle game that is easy to play. It comes with colorful graphics and is a cheerful game. The levels are varied and offer replayability, and there are also power-ups to help you clear levels faster. The game is not challenging, and there are no levels that rely on logic. Homescapes is a fun game to play on mobile devices. The game is not difficult to play and is very appealing to the eye.


  • The game is colorful and cheerful
  • The levels are varied, and you have the option to replay them or to do them in timed mode
  • You can earn power-ups to help you clear levels faster
  • You can earn stars to unlock new levels and power-ups
  • The game is free
  • The game is easy to play
  • You can play it on the App Store or Google Play


  • The game is not challenging
  • You can't earn stars by watching ads
  • The game is timed, so if you are interrupted, you lose the time
  • There are no levels that depend on logic
  • The game is linear, so there is no room for creativity


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