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Fishdom is a new game available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The game is a simulation of a virtual aquarium. In this game, players can build and decorate their own aquarium to their liking, then watch as the fish swim around and interact with the decorations. Fishdom is a new game available for download from the Mac App Store. 

Fishdom is a puzzle game in which you need to fill the aquarium by matching three or more fish of the same type. Each stage is a level that needs to be completed by matching three or more fish to fill the aquarium. There are four different types of fish, which are Sea Horses, Seahorses, Angelfish, and Jellyfish. Each type of fish has a different shape and has a different color.


In Fishdom, players have the opportunity to play the game in either a timed or free play mode. In timed mode, players are given a set amount of time to complete a level. When they start a level, players are given a set amount of coins. They can use these coins to place decorations and objects in the aquarium. Players can earn extra coins by completing tasks or taking advantage of opportunities. As they place objects, the objects will be gradually priced up. Once they are at the maximum price, they cannot be purchased.

In free play mode, there is no time limit and players can play for as long as they want. There is also no cost involved.

The gameplay of Fishdom is very simple. The player will have an aquarium and will have to click on the grid of tiles in order to swap them and create the necessary matches. Once the player has created a match, the player will be able to remove the tiles. If the player completes a level by matching three or more fish, the player will be able to clear a part of the aquarium and the player will be able to see more fish.


Fishdom has a clean interface and cartoon-like graphics. It is very easy to navigate the app. The graphics of the game are not the best, but they are not bad either. The game is very colorful and the colors are very nice. The game is not very realistic, but it is not a problem for the game. The player will be able to see the numbers of how many matches they have, and the tiles that will appear next.

Information on replayability

This game is very replayable. There are many levels to complete, and the game has no time limit. The replayability of Fishdom is high. The player will be able to complete the game, but there are many levels in total. There are different difficulties of the game, and there are different fish to collect. So, the player will not be bored with the game.


My opinion: I liked this game, however, it was too easy for me. The game is very nice, but I think that the developer should add more difficulty levels, or make the current levels harder. I do not think that the game is worth the money. I think that the game is too simple, and I think that the game should be free, because I cannot see myself paying money for an app that is not the best.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Clean interface
  • Many levels
  • No time limit
  • Easy navigation
  • Cartoon-like graphics
  • Replayable


  • One of the levels is too difficult
  • Graphics are too simple
  • Some players might find the game too easy
  • The app is not free
  • Some players might get bored of the gameplay


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